BCNY Women is a convention-wide strategy. Its purpose is to support women’s groups in churches which encourage women to support missions, participate in local community ministry, equip and encourage in personal evangelism, and strive toward a more intimate relationship with God through Bible study, prayer and enrichment activities. For more information on Women’s Missions/Ministry contact Cathy Meyer 315.436.5051 or EMAIL

BCNY  Women   Women of Worship, Word and Works

BCNY Women

Women of Worship, Word and Works

Women’s Ministry Overview

We firmly believe that an effective women’s ministry includes the following aspects: prayer, discipleship, evangelism, missions and building community.




The BCNY Women’s office is happy to be able to rent out DVD bible studies. The rental fee for all DVD Bible studies is $25. This fee helps us keep resources in stock and replace damaged, worn or lost DVDs. Please click the button below to see the studies available (We try hard to keep this updated, but we will contact you if a study is not available.) You may reserve a resource by contacting Cathy Meyer.

MINISTRy to women

I’m thankful for the opportunity to speak into the lives of ministry leaders, but I’m also aware that ministering to women is an ongoing conversation that changes as our culture changes. Whether you are a new leader, a seasoned leader, or someone who just needs to be reminded that your calling to women is vital, engage in the community platforms and a prayerfully consider ways to expand our thoughts on various leadership subjects. DISCIPLESHIP




Church planting wives

Perseverance is the continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition. Determination, tenacity and patience also are closely related qualities. Be in conversation with other church planter wives through the this common community. Women in Church Planting