Cooperative Program

The Cooperative Program is the unified giving plan which supports almost all missions and ministry which Baptists do together. The Cooperative Program (CP) supports missions and ministries across the Baptist Convention of New York, North America and around the world.

The Baptist Convention of New York adopts a Cooperative Program budget each September in their annual meeting. Month by month during the next year, churches send in Cooperative Program dollars to the Baptist Convention of New York in East Syracuse, NY. The BCNY sends the money on to the missions and ministry causes, according to that budget.

That, in a nutshell, is the Cooperative Program: Baptists combining their money to greatly increase the ministry and missions work we can do together, ministries which would be impossible for churches working alone.


Stewardship and generosity come from the heart. It is a reflection of Christ living in you. It points Christ followers to faithful prayer, consistent time in God’s Word, and investing time in discipling and serving others for the glory of God.

We believe the Bible teaches that stewardship includes cheerful, generous, and sacrificial giving; trusting Christ; being obedient to His Word; and demonstrating a love for God and others reflected in the act of generous giving.
God has entrusted to every believer His resource so each believer may invest their resources for His glory, for the benefit of others here and now, and to make eternal investments into the lives of others, those we will never meet, and future generations

BCNY State Disaster Relief Mission Offering

Need BCNY DR Mission Offering Envelopes for your church?

North American Mission Board

The Church is God’s plan—you are God’s plan—to reach North America and the nations with the hope of the gospel, and the North American Mission Board is here to help.

International Mission Board

We believe every church has a role to play in reaching every nation with the gospel.

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