Be a part of BCNY!

Benefits - Why Partner With Us?

Community of Like-Minded Churches: Baptist Faith and Message Ethics & Religious Liberty

Collaboration in Kingdom and Gospel Expansion BCNY/CP Missions, Cooperative Program, International Missions, SEND Network, SEND Relief

Connectedness to God’s ongoing work in our unique contexts (telling the story, prayer, advocacy, having a voice in Convention Matters, etc.)A

Expectations - What is expected of Partnering Churches?

Involvement though…

  • regular missions contributions (Cooperative Program) GIVE
  • annual reporting (Annual Church Profile required once a year)
  • optional representation at BCNY Annual Conference, BCNY Executive Board

Intercession, alongside other BCNY/SBC – affiliated churches, for God’s movement across our region

Engagement by serving, sharing and sending

Requirements - How do I partner?

Affirm common belief with SBC churches (SBC, BFM) through congregational vote.

Apply for the SBC Affiliation through BCNY (Application to include info for initial SBC ID/Annual Church Profile)

Interview (if desired) with Convention or Associational designee or SEND Network CPC/SCM

Commit to collaborate in Kingdom expansion (pray, participate, provide, promote)

Apply As A New Affiliate

Please complete the form below which submits your official request for the SBC ID as a new affiliated church with BCNY (web-fillable with fields requiring the info below): Note that to be considered a partner BCNY Church and affiliated with the SBC, you need to establish a pattern of giving (usually three monthly gifts) to the Cooperative Program.

New Church Plants

Be one of the church plants under BCNY.

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