Prayer Resources

Prayer Walking

Prayer points and accompanying Scriptures to help you pray strategically while prayer walking.

This document can be downloaded, copied on both sides and cut into quarters to make pocket-sized prayer guides to carry on prayer walk. Also available in Español and Português.

A brief introduction to the purpose and logistics of prayerwalking. Perfect for someone who isn’t familiar with the concept. NAMB.

Day to Day Prayer Guides

40 days of praying for spiritual revival and national renewal. ERLC AND NAMB.

A 21-day prayer guide and journal to pray for a revival of God’s presence and work in your life and church. Claude V. King, Louisiana Baptist Convention.

A 30-day prayer guide. Chris Schofield, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

Five days of Scripture, prayer points, and reflective questions. Greg Frizzell, Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma.

30-day calendar format for praying the names and attributes of God. The Navigators.

Resources to Download

Twelve habits that should mark every believer’s life and prayers. Richard Shepherd, Florida Baptist Convention.

Includes reasons for and logistics of fasting. John Harris, First Baptist Orlando.

Information and ideas for someone who is just getting started spending personal time with God. Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

Scriptures to pray for your home, pastor, church, nation and the lost. Ted Elmore, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

Form a group to intentionally pray for, care about and share the Gospel with people in your community. NAMB.

Short lists of principles, practices and practical tips. Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

To help pastors determine personal and congregational prayer health. Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Includes 18 ways to lead group prayer. Chris Schofield, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

An outline of how to get started by Don Whitney.

Article adapted from A Powerful Prayer Life by Gregory Frizzell.

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