The greatest leadership model of all time is Jesus of Nazareth. He modeled servant leadership from the HEART, HEAD, HANDS, and HABITS. During the one-day Lead Like Jesus Leadership Encounter, you will learn and experience the patterns of Jesus’ servant leadership. Learn more at www.LeadLikeJesus.com or contact Tommy Echols 315.382.4919 or EMAIL to host an Encounter at your church.


It has been said by many that Leadership is Influence. We agree! Any time you seek to influence the thinking, behavior, or development of a person you are a leader. The Church Growth Team supports Pastors and Church Leaders in their development of Character and Skills. Our approach includes Personal development, Interpersonal development, Team development, and Organizational development. Each of these facets of development will had a direct impact on the other. As you plan your path of development, consider some of the opportunities available through the Baptist Convention of New York’s Church Growth Team.

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The LeaderLab Purpose is to create a safe, supportive, learning environment where leaders can…

  •  strengthen Character

  • uncover Clarity

  •  optimize Competency


Effective teamwork is key to the successful ministry of your church. We are stronger together that we are alone. Churches thrive when high performance teams are working together with a single focus, clear role, effective process, and clear communication. The Church Growth Team will help you explore way to improve and/or develop effective, high-performance teams in your church. Effective team development empowers the pastor to lead with confidence; it empowers the members to serve with passion and effectiveness, commitment, and fulfillment.


Church administration tends to have a reputation for being all about tasks, planning and procedures. However, administration really is about developing, maintaining and safeguarding relationships. When you have a heart for ministry and a talent for administration, it’s easy to make the case for building trusting relationships. The resources on this page serve to guide you through the maze of church administration. The Baptist Convention of New York does not give legal advice or counsel. The resources we provide are models for you to consider, not a mandate for you to follow. We have found that good processes and procedures reduce confusion; good forms and documentation preserve ministry; and, planning ahead helps make ministry incredible and fun for everyone.

Helpful Links & Resources 
Legal Issues Checklist 
75% Rule 
Constitution and By-Laws

Deacons Ministry

What constitutes effectiveness in your deacon ministry can only be defined by the context of your
individual church. Whether a deacon board, family ministry or deacon team model is utilized, deacons should lead the way in creating a disciple-making culture. The purpose of a Deacon is mandated through Scripture; the methodology of the deacon ministry in the local church is contextual. We are committed to helping deacons provide spiritually mature leadership in pursuit of making disciples. Deacons must provide a biblical example of love, character and service. Contact Tommy Echols 315.382.4919 or EMAIL for assistance.

Men’s Ministry

We believe spiritually transformed men are becoming Great Commission Christians who positively impact their families, workplaces, communities and world for Christ. The Church Growth Team supports the vision of your church as men are developed to impact their world with the gospel. We work with individual men’s ministry leaders to best understand the vision and directions of the ministry, then, we guide you in the discovery of appropriate resources.
Contact Tommy Echols 315.382.4919 or EMAIL for assistance.